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He never teaches or preaches any tradition, any philosophy and he see that the devotees and team around him experiencing oneness with ultimate reality by serving others. Devotees experience the body, the mind, the intellect complexes vanish during the service of one or two hour everyday. Oneness of consciousness to cosmic consciousness was there, is here and would be there.

Never you find a richman moves around him with bundles of notes for his needs. One can witness common man is around him who shares few bucks from their hardly saved money. For Seva he never begs and he never begs for his food. He says ” Everything is destined and it comes in time. Thus money flows for projects and they are happy and all are happy.

Assume, who is He? That visionary and missionary is non other than our Guruji i.e, Avadhoota Nadananda..

About Guruji

Renouncing behind everything from a remote village of Kerala, he traveled and did penance in Himalayan forest and was in search of the truth of existence.

Then he realized the sadhana and its accumulated energy must be utilised for the upliftment of depressed, deprived, humilitated, tormented, tortured suffering people around us is the real penance. On the banks of Ganga, Narmada, in cities, pilgrim centres he walked around as a parivrajaka to experience their life.
“Rich people are begging inside abode of Almighty and Poor people are begging for a morsel of food infront abode of Almighty”. This is what he experienced.
He found a Mission, renunciation is not the only a way to realize, service to humanity is also a path. Again he moved around entire India and created teams who understands his philosophy- ‘ Service to mankind is service to God’. He is visible in streets, in slums, among the leprocy patients, in hospital wards, on footpaths, in bus stands, feeding the suffering people and arranging medical camps and teaching small children and clothing them. May be it in Dhar, in Kurnool, in Bangalore , in Visakapatnam surrounded with likeminded devotees who take a vow to serve the needy.

Avadhoota Nadananda ji

**Avadhoota once told me “When a man becomes mad, he becomes a saint. When saint becomes mad, he becomes an Avadhoota. When Avadhoota becomes mad, he becomes Bhagwan. Being reveling in their non-existence are Avadhootas. They are totally occupied inside, so much so that the outside world with its materials and flavours carries no meaning to them. It does not exist for them. Regular human beings for whom the outside world is everything will find it difficult to understand such an existence.

We live in an atomic universe. It is a universe made of particles. They are energy manifested into forms which also means duality or multiplicity. This is the cause of all delusions. An Avadhoota is rooted in the energy beyond the matter within and outside of him. He is never deluded with terrestrial existence.

We float in the river of manifested existence. May the one who is cause of atom as well as the inner and outer universe guide us, lead us and protect us. May the pwer of greatest power (Maha Shakti) awaken in us and melt us into the ocean of abundance and supreme bliss.

One who has nothing to do with terrestrial existence is an Avadhoota. One who has no emotional value of any events of life is an Avadhoota. An Avadhoota is occupied in bliss supreme. They remain calm, pure and full of love always. They are spontaneous, unbound and unperturbed about how the society looks at them , evaluates them. They are beyond the insecurities of existence that a human mind carefully nurtures. Detachment is their garb. Society can only see their seemingly indifferent existence and they mark it as madness.

Avadhoota Nadananda ji’s life purpose is to lead people towards inner awakening and his deep urge to serve the under-privileged despite his compelling physical conditions. He still sings (trained by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi) and dances despite his binding physical ailments.

“Mohanji , I will remain in action for 300 years after my physical demise, just as Sai Baba of Shirdi continues to work 100 years after his physical exit. Sai Baba was the 39th Pointiff of Gyanganj . I am 48th.”

--- Mohanji, Ammucare Charitable Trust